The 2022 GV70 and the 2021 GV80 are the latest luxury SUV models that are available in Genesis’ vehicle lineup. Genesis is an offshoot of the major South Korean automaker Hyundai and has designed and produced only luxury vehicles since it was first founded in 2015. 

Prior to releasing the GV80—which was the first luxury SUV from Genesis and debuted on the mainstream auto market for the 2021 model year—Genesis had only designed and produced luxury passenger sedans. Despite the extremely competitive nature of the current crossover SUV segment, breaking into the SUV market has proven to be very successful for Genesis. The 2021 GV80 has performed very well on the mainstream auto market, racking up impressive sales numbers and holding its own against competing SUVs from other luxury auto brands in the auto industry. 

GV70 by the ocean

GV70 by the ocean

Genesis waited six years before releasing their first luxury SUV, but this successful luxury auto brand is not wasting any time now. For the 2022 model year, Genesis will release the GV70—which will be the second luxury SUV that this luxury auto brand has released over the past two model years. 

If you’re in the market for a luxury SUV from Genesis and aren’t sure whether to hold out for the 2022 GV70 or go with the GV80, keep reading to learn more about the key similarities and differences between these two luxury SUV models and how they compare with each other in some of the most important areas. 

Drive Performance 

Both the 2021 GV80 and the 2022 GV70 come equipped with the same powertrain. Both of these luxury SUVs are available with two engine options—a 2.5-L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates 300 horsepower and 311 lb.-ft. of torque and a 3.5-L twin-turbocharged V6 engine that delivers 375 horsepower and 391 lb.-ft. of torque on the road. Both of these engine options pair with an eight-speed automatic transmission in both the 2021 GV80 and the 2022 GV70. 

However, the GV70 is smaller and more lightweight than the GV80. This means that the 2022 GV70’s acceleration is speedier and its handling is more responsive on the road than the 2021 GV80, even though both of these luxury SUVs are powered by the same engine options. Also, rear-wheel drive is standard for the 2021 GV80 and all-wheel drive is optional, whereas all-wheel drive comes standard for all 2022 GV70 models.


Size is one of the main differences between the 2021 GV80 and the 2022 GV70 luxury SUV models. The 2021 GV80 is a mid-size crossover SUV that seats up to seven passengers when equipped with its optional third row of seats. The 2022 GV70, on the other hand, fits into the compact SUV segment and seats up to five passengers in its two rows with no option for an add-on third row of seats. 

Despite its smaller size, the compact 2022 GV70 feels just as spacious as the 2021 GV80 and offers almost the same amount of room for each of its passengers as the GV80 does while leaving ample space for cargo as well. 

The passenger and cargo volumes of these two luxury SUVs do differ, which is understandable considering the fact that the GV80 fits two more passengers than the GV70. While the 2021 GV80 offers a passenger volume of 140 cubic feet, the 2022 GV70 has a passenger volume of just 104 cubic feet. On the other hand, the cargo volume of the 2021 GV80 is just 12 cubic feet whereas the cargo volume of the 2022 GV70 is 29 cubic feet. 


Neither the GV80 nor the GV70 would be considered especially affordable vehicles. They are luxury SUVs, so their price points are notably higher than most other standard SUVs within the same vehicle segments. 

However, there is also a significant price difference between the 2021 GV80 and the 2022 GV70. While the 2021 GV80 has a starting price of just under $50,000, the 2022 GV70 has a starting price of just over $42,000—including destination charges.

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